Dr. Zvi Shkedi

To Discover What Is Yet Unknown,

To Create What Has Yet Not Been Created,

The Thrill of Discovery and Creativity,

The Thrill of Doing Something New.

Be it the scientist trying to discover the secrets of nature, or the artist trying to capture its beauty, or the child trying to discover another way to play - we are all driven by the same internal force that keeps us going in the face of seemingly insurmountable opposition. The thrill of discovery; the thrill of creativity; the thrill of being the first one to know or to produce something new.

It does not always have to be original. It can also be what many have already tried. However, for me it is a first; for me it is a new experience that I have never had before.

As an engineer, my designs will be the best that anyone can think of; as a pianist, my music will be the best that anyone can play; as a doctor, my patients will be the healthiest on earth; and, as a parent, my children will be the happiest of all.

It's not for me that I am doing it. It's not for me that I am writing it right now. It's you my friend that I am trying to inspire. It's your smile and your happiness that I am trying to create.

So, come along and walk with me in a journey that we all can take. Reach out and touch the beauty of a happy person that you, and only you, can make.

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